Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Casa Mia, Dumfries

WY and I made the long trip down to Dumfries to bring K back up to Glasgow last weekend. Dumfries for your info, is a 1.5hrs drive from Glasgow. This wee town is probably the furthest you will ever get sent for a placement but the good thing is that it provides the best undergraduate teaching I have experience in my other placements. On top of that...... CASA MIA...........

I was impressed even before I saw the restaurant upfront because the restaurant has its own SIGNPOSTING on the road!!!... Don't think I've seen anything like that before in Glasgow.

Do not be deceived by its location, located in the middle of a housing estate. This is one of the finest restaurants in Dumfries, serving up modern cuisine with a European twist.

Warm Salad of Bacon, Black puddding, chorizo sausage, mushroom and onion with soft poached egg. WY's quite into his poached eggs recently.

Sear Duck salad with raspberries, orange segments, Cherry tomato and pine nuts with a hazelnut oil dressing. Duck looks wee bit raw but K said it was lovely.

Dessert after appetiser? Nope..... Lemon sorbet with Balsalmic vinegar as a palate cleanser

Wild Mushroom Risotto with parmesan cheese and truffle oil

Linguini pasta with spinach, spring onions, garlic cherry tomato, pine nuts, radicchio and basil topped with parmesan shavings.

I had dessert.. a nice sticky toffee pudding with ice cream... Aye!!

If K says its good... it must be good... If you are ever down for a placement do give it a try.

Casa Mia
53 Nunholm Road

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