Monday, 17 May 2010

Crown Cavery, Leven Valley

Today..... I shall introduce you to the Crown Cavery!!!.. Yup where you get cuts of meat and an endless flow of vegetables. All for 5.25 pounds plus a drinK!!!!. Ok the foods not awesome wow wow wow but you do get alot of fibre and a nice portion of meat for the amount you pay.

Yorkshire Puddings and Stuffings.. Puddings gd Stuffings dry..

You get to choose whether u want a portion of each cut or u can have just one meat and they will give u abit more of it. Aa said he wanted a bit of everything... I thought the clever thing to say would be I want alot of everything. lol.. In the end, I decided I should mask my kiasu kiasee kiakun attitude and go for "I would like a portion of everything."

The first meat was gammon ham. This was probably the best meat of the 3 as it had a nice fat content which helped to lubricate the dryness of the over roasted meat.

Turkey BreaST was dry. End of story

Beef was not too bad. Just wish they gave a bit more

Finally, Top up your plate with as much veg as you want. YOu can even go for a refill of vegs but not the meat.

Here's my plate overloaded with veg and potatos. I went back for a second portion of veg and couldn't do it anymore after.

Its not too bad la and you can take a nice wee trip just out of Glasgow to the drumchapel area. There's a huge Sainsbury nearby for shopping if you are keen.

Leven Valley
7 Allerdyce Court,
G15 6SA
(0141) 944 3366

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