Saturday, 1 May 2010

Root Beer Float !!!

This is truly a classic man. Remember the good ol'days of A & W and their famous root beer float served in a chilled mug!!!... Gone are the days when you can sample this simple yet awesome beverage.

I think you'll still be able to buy A & W root beer cans in Singapore or a substitute like Mug. Then again would you bother to make urself a mug to drink when there's so many other yummy stuff in Singapore waiting to be eaten???

Unfortunately for homesick ppl like us in the UK, we just have to make things from scratch. What's more unfortunate is that its extremely difficult to find root beer here....... I once bought a 1.5L bottle of A & W root beer from a Chinese super market which cost maybe 3 pounds... That is ex btw for a bottle of fizzy drink. Ironically, it was made in SINGAPORE LOL!!!!!.. The problem now is that they don't stock the drink.

Hey hey guess what... my dear flatmate Aa actually managed to find out who sells root beer through a ROOT BEER FORUM!!!!... -_-"" almost fell of my chair when I heard that LOL!.. Turns out that Asda sells Carter Root beer. Aa being Aa decided he should buy 18 cans of it. (6 cans for 1.5 pounds)

Oo.... yum yum scoop up some nice creamy and rice vanilla ice cream.

Watch the magic....Its always fascinating.. seeing the bubbles form.

Apparently its not your classic bicarb + Co2 reaction that gives rise to the bubbles but rather a chemical process called nucleation!!! ZUN BO???!!!!

Almost at the top and half a can of root beer still left....

We are officially a ROOT BEER LOVING FLAT!!!!!!!!

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