Thursday, 13 May 2010

Back to 4 Seasons

Yupz its back to 4 seasons. Been having a craving for Chinese food since I got back from ITaly. Must be the pasta overdose.

I had XO sauce Udon. I noticed a quite a good amount of cuttle fish, scallops and prawns. Did I charm the lady boss too much? loL!.....Pretty nice dish but it was a tad oily... ... I was kinda struggling to finish my portion towards the end but managed to gobble up the last few udon. Worth a Try.

Jne had Portugese Sauce Baked Rice. The last time I had a pork baked rice here, it was too salty. Had a wee spoonful and found it to be surprisingly palatable.

Finally, a plate of soft shell crab to share. Nice but too expensive la for 2 tiny wee crab (7pds) LOL!.... Jne noted that it was meatier than it's Crispy Crispy Singapore cousin

Feeling hungry again..... sians LOL!...

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