Sunday, 30 May 2010

Crabs @ Eng Seng

Meeting at 5 for dinner would be too early for most people but when you want to eat crab at Eng Seng, you better turn up early or endure the painful wait of watching the early birds prey on the crab delicacies. That or risk the sheer pain of having no crab to eat at all.

So the "meet the friend" session began at 5 with the legendary Lady General taking orders from us. Frankly, I din't know she had that notorious until I read some other reviews and blogs online. She must be in a good mood that day.

We ordered 5 crabs: 3 done with black pepper sauce and 2 chilli crab style. You get a choice of small or big crab but the LG quickly recommended the smaller ones. The black pepper crab proved to be a hit with my taste buds. Don't know what she did with the sauce but it was smooth and peppery unlike the one which I made earlier which felt a bit more grainy. I wonder if any dark sweet soy sauce went into this dish because the sauce mixture does look quite black.

Here's the chilli crab version. My conclusion after the multiple crab eating sessions is that pepper crab trounces chilli crab. Sweet and savoury still dosen't work for me. This was still good nevertheless. Oh Auntie had no mantou but she has bread lol.. Nah... let's pass on that

Bo cai or chinese spinach. This dish came first but got neglected once the crab appeared lol.

House special youtiao. Not bad but nothing to rave about. Look at the liquidity of the salad cream.

Finally some mee goreng to supplement the meal. Quite good leh. Reminds me of my primary school mee goreng with the touch of a wok hei WOK.. lol

I drove past the place at 10 in the evening and it was already close. So... make sure make sure you come early for your crabs. You won't regret it. Head to this for desserts later.

Eng Seng Restaurant
247 Joo Chiat Place
Tel: 64405560
Opening Times: 4.30pm to around 8pm

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