Saturday, 22 May 2010

Land of Pasta and Pizza: Rome, Italy


So here are the pics from Rome... I was really looking forward to this trip mainly to see the various sights and to taste some yummy italian food. Mamma MIa.....At the end of the trip, I conclude that Rome is good for food but not the best place probably. The positives and negatives were divided 50-50. For one, avoid the restaurants in the tourist trapped areas. Second, the wee restaurant down the alley might just be the best restaurant in your entire trip. Third, EAT YOUR GELATO... Its freaking gooodd!!!... Four,... Definately try some homemade pasta. Five,... man I don know what they put in their food but it really taste different from what you get back in the UK..... I am glad I threw a coin into Trevi cosI am hoping I ll be back again to sample dishes from other parts of italy. Anyway... Enjoy the pics

Arc of Constantine

Via dellia Conciliazone

I love Vongole Pasta

The plate that lead to WY's Angioedema


Homemade pasta is gooood.

Yummmm !!!!!!

Trevi Fountain

Amazing pesto sauce and super sweet Tomato

Pancetta Ham Pizza

Temple of Saturn

Super Beef balls and kick-ass Tomato sauce

Loving my seafood.. Yum YUm Yunm

Bye Rome.......

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