Friday, 14 May 2010

My Economical Rice

Man.... I was stalked by YR on Byres road today lOL!... nah... she just happened to be walking behind me and noticed I was peering into every shop on my way home.... I was hungry la!!!....and I wanted to see if there was something cheap and convenient that I could DA bao home.... Sadly no.... I wasn't willing to pay 5 quid for Chinese takeaway this evening.....

Passed by Iceland (supermarket not the volcano nation) and decided I should wonder in to find some meat.. No prizes for what I bought in the end lol...... 6 drumsticks for 2 quid and pack of mix veg for 1 quid... Total 3 Quid.... Not bad leh... lol

Din't take me long for me to whip up this chicken and vegetable dish. Half an hour maybe plus Rice... I am btw an expert chicken deboner (lOL!.... ... I no shy LOL!)))

I like this dish because if u do it well, u can extract the natural sweetness of the carrots, cauliflower and broccoli to create a nice sauce with the chicken.

For the marinate, I used sesame seed oil, light soya sauce and oyster sauce. agar urself the amount you want to use. best to marinate chicken for at least 30mins.

30 mins + 3quid


2 meals + 30mins cooking time from the 2nd meal + 7 quid ( (5-3.5)*2 = 7 )


Makes sense? or Cents??

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