Monday, 24 May 2010

Emirates Business Class Meal

And so I did upgraded my Gla-DXB leg to business. I was so looking forward to being pampered a wee bit for my flight home. Some of you might know that I am a keen reader of where you can find out all the gossips and latest news about the airliner industry. I particularly like the trip report section which showcases the different flight journeys that people have taken, especially the business and first class flights. I probably should have done a trip report myself but hahaha I was too lazy and just wanted to chill...

First up. Canapes. There was smoked fish on oat crackers, marinated prawns on crusty bread and spicy chicken in a tart pastry. All of them tasted nice. Also, they don't automatically give u peanuts. I was asked to choose between nuts or canapes. Nah... why have nuts lol.. you can get them on the streets lol.. Our lunch orders were taken at the same time.

Anyway the Uncle next to me look abit stunned when I took out my camera haha.. He seemed like a frequent flyer from how he worked effortlessly through the seat controls and foldable dining table whilst the cookoo in me fumbled a wee bit. lol.. I thought it would have been quite funny if I acted abit more swakoo but hahaha.... nah... Didn't want to turn him off.

*Oh oh oh...cookoo and swakoo are not the same types of "koo".... cookoo is what I call a pigeon or a blur person whilst swakoo is a mountain tortoise aka an ignorant person.

The table was set and the appetiser + salad were served. Salad was crisp and fresh with a thousand island dressing. I got to choose my bread too. Picked a nutty one.

Warm smoked trout with greens. Quite nice man. slightly fishy but not off putting. I fell asleep after this hhahaha. must be the champagne and lack of sleep from the night before.

I woked up only when the stewardess came around with her trolley. I choosed herb crusted lamb, potatos, spinach and carrot. Lamb was juicy and tender though i couldn't figure out what sort of herb crusting they used. Potatos were overcooked. so was the carrot but the spinach was fine. I took garlic bread this time round. Bad choice. really dry and non garlicky

Chocolate moose cake with a vanilla anglaise (Englishs) plus a cup of Earl Grey and Godiva chocolate.

I went back for a second helping of fruits hehehe ..... Greedy...

Well.. the meal took quite a while and by the time it was over we were already 3 hours into the flight. Sadly, we din't get anymore food after that.... Overall, it was a nice experience but I felt that Emirates could have done better with the food. hahah till next time...

Bye bye Scotland. Any guess where this is ??

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