Monday, 31 May 2010

Whitley Road Big Prawn Noodle @ Old Airport Road

We decided to drop by Old Airport Road hawker centre on our way back from Ah Gong's. If you've been to this place, you will know that there are many stalls to choose from. SO many it can be difficult to settle on something if you haven't already got something in mind. Such was the case when we got there. I knew I wanted a soursop juice because I like that and apparently the one at Mellock's quite good.

Eventually, I settled for "I ll choose what people are having and it looks good". That brought me to the prawn noodle store along the first row facing the road. My intial thought when I saw no queue was "jialat" maybe not nice. No la. actually auntie wrote down the orders and invited us to take a seat.

The prawn noodles came in 4/5/8/12. ALamakz... how to choose like that. No description whatsoever as to what the price meant also. So I went for 5 and the auntie said.. oh does are only medium sized prawns.. I was like "huh"...

okok .. lets go for $8. ... Then auntie went "ok $8 will be big prawns"...

DIn't take long for the noodles to come and yup 4 large prawn halves in a bowl of its own. haha Serving the prawn and noodles separately in 2 bowls does make it look more like an expensive dish . Its like ordering chicken rice and having the rice on one plate and the chicken chopped up with garnishes on a separate boat plate.

Taste wise good and got the umami factor... Prawn stock was rich enough for my liking. The prawns were of a nice bounce but seem devoid of its prawny taste. They have a dry version as well which I'll try another time .

There's too many stuff to eat here. HOw to finish eating????

P.s : anyone allergic to prawn?

Whitley Road Big Prawn Noodle
Blk 51 Old Airport Road
#01-98 Old Aiport Road Food Centre
Singapore 390051

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