Thursday, 29 April 2010

KOREAN feVer!!: Beef Rib Bulgogi

Yea man. One of those cuisines which we have not tried experimenting at home is Korean!!!.. I am quite unfamilliar with korean food other than bulgogi, bibimbap and maybe Pa Jeon. Dosen't help that there is only one Korean restaurant in the whole of Scotland. Fortunately its quite a decent one!!!.

Anyway, I've been starting to watch some korean dramas lately lol. Quite different from Jap dramas. ATM, I still prefer the Japanese language and actors better but there's just something really intriguing about the Korean drama plot. Still trying to grasp various elements of it. So in keeping with the korean drama fever, we shall have Korean food.

The great thing about staying with Aa and C is that Aa is great chef and C has this endless supply of Asian spice mix. If you thought my Ben and Jerry collection was insane, wait till you see her stock of sauce mix. Enough to feed the whole of korea la !!! lol

Asia Gourmet is one of the best brands that I have tried. The taste is definately good enough for home consumption. Very good I would say and if you use good quality beef which Aa loves, then u get a match made in heaven. All we need now is a sizzling hot plate. lol

맛있는 !!!!!

1 comment:

Jade.Jing said...

Looks good!

We use Maangchi's recipe ( )to cook Japchae! :)


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