Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Lunch at Loon Fung

The group of us came back around lunch time and after 3 days of not having any chinese food, we were really craving for some food close to the heart. Its not very often that we eat chinese for lunch but this was a good opportunity to have dim sum as a group which we probably did like 3 years ago just that there's much less people this time.

The fun thing about eating dim sum is theres always the few dishes that you would order and the ones which you like to eat but don't know what it is called and start giving it names or describing the components of the dish and lastly the delicious looking ones on other tables that you point to and say "can i have a portion of that as well"

We started off the meal with a "pe dan" pork Cheok aka Century egg with pork congee. Century egg is not my favourite egg but I wouldn't mind having the congee. Mum always tells me that they blend the porridge to get the consistency that you find in congee. I find it hard to believe sometimes but she could be right.

We had noodles as well and this time it was something that we saw on another table that made us salivate. Its like a 2 Roast meat with Hor fun type of dish . Its delicious because the roast was nicely done but I found it a wee bit oily but that's probably what made it taste so yummy.

Next up is Siew mai. Nicely packed with 1 whole shrimp inside.

Following that, Har gao or Shrimp dumling. These 2 dishes never fail to make it to the table. Its like the favourite 2 dim sums of all time. Again nice bursty prawns, obviously chemically tampered with haha. I was a little skeptical about the dim sum, knowing that some restaurants actually use frozen dim sums made in factories and basically, the cooks just resteam them. Luckily, I have managed to get some insider info and found out that the dim sum here is actually made fresh. Phew

Ok, this is one dish which I do not know its name. Basically its pork ribs with black beans steamed. Savoury and slightly sweet at the same time.

This is not fried carrot cake haha instead it was listed as fried turnip moose on the menu. I never liked this dish until i came to Glasgow but its like one of my favourite dishes now. Taste wise it was not overly salted which is good but could have do with a bit more chinese sausages. Its fried nicely (just wish it was abit more crispier) but it was too soft.. I kinda expected it to be firmer. Well, its a moose afterall so maybe it was meant to be of the softer consistency.

The BAOs... I seldom eat baos because I find them too filling and you end up missing up on the more yummy stuff. Afterall you can get bao at most places. I am unable to comment on the taste because I did not eat them but they should be fine. The bao in the background is called Nai Yeung Bao. It has an egg yolk custard filling. Ermm.. I am not too familliar with this bao, only encountered it in Glasgow and had just a few.

Prawns in beanurd skin deep fried. Thats probably the way I would describe it. Again not sure what it is called. It would have been nice with some mayonise ..hmm yum..

Chee Cheong Fun with you tiao. There was another plate with prawn filling.

I did not eat this. I was too full after eating one of eat item and probably had too much noodles.. If i am correct there s a savoury sweet filling in the deep fried ball.

So this is our Dim sum Experience and the start of a Chinese food eating extravagenza that proved to be an overdose. Its not that I do not like Chinese food but its the home cook food that I miss more. Haha honestly, we grew up eating our mother's home cook food day after day, how to get bored. You tell me LOL.

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