Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Dinner with Aa at Ashoka

Its nice having a flatmate who's working and likes to blanjah me. Maybe its because C is gone and I am his proxy "girlfriend" haha. Anyway, Aa's got a 50% off voucher that we decided should be put to good use before it went to waste.

We had some poppadums aka indian keropok with some onion chutney paired with a mayo-red sauce concoction. That was followed by a starter platter for 2 which was basically a munchie box rearranged on a plate. The good thing is the items are all perfectly fried . The down side is they were regular items except for a couple of lamb kebabish.

We order this amazing lamb curry. It was the typical lamb curry sauce taste but felt more robust in texture. The meat was tender and peeled easily off the bone. It was spicey but not unbearable for me to not like it.

In addition, we ordered some naans to go with the rest of the meat dishes. The last dish here is a tandoori platter consisting of chicken parts, lamb and 1 single prawn!!!!. Can u believe it 1 Single tandoori prawn bUT that single prawn turned out to the best item for the night. It reminded me of BBQ prawns but with the tandoori flavour coated over it. It was quite pathetic though and Aa and I ended up sharing half a mozzel each lol.

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