Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Guo Tie Japanese Style

You probably would not be able to make out this dish from the picture and that's because Aa decided to overload the Guo Ties aka dumplings with bonito flakes. Yes.. you must be wondering guotie with bonitos no ginger no dark vinegar? and with mayo ?

Yup.. that's our style of eating guotie in this flat. I believe this dish is a creation by Aa and C. C's the resident guotie chef in the flat, the one person who has got the technique all right from the pan frying to the steaming. What you get is a nice crispy base and a succulent juicy meat filling oo yummy.

Somehow this conocotion probably derived from the tako pachi concept works really well. So well that it has become a lunctime favourite to pair with myojo mee or indo mee..

Gosh.. I am feeling hungry now..

Pork Guo Tie's 40 pieces for 6.95 approx
kewpee japanese mayo
bonito flakes

Heat a non-stick frying pan (strongly recommend investing in a good teflon pan) with oil in it. Pan fry one side of the guotie from frozen. Once its nicely brown. Add a suitable amount of water and cover with a lid. Steam until all the water has evaporated. Squeeze over the mayo and garnish with bonito flakes.
Unfortunately, I do not have the exact measurements and timings. According to C its all about agaration.

* Bonito flakes = flakes of dried, smoked bonito fish
* --> They do delivery for only 5 pounds.

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