Saturday, 18 April 2009

Vanilla Icecream with Rock Melon

I haven't been ice cream in quite a while. As most of you know, I like my ice cream alot and my ice cream tub collection can surely justify it.
We decided to open up a tub of B and J's Baked alaska today. This flavour is almost the exact opposite of phish food. Instead of chocolate ice cream, this flavour consists of vanilla icecream, marshmallow swirls and white chocolate polar bars. I thought why not turn this simple dessert into something more up class.
Luckily, Aa has one remaining rock melon in the fridge and "tink" an idea sprang to my mine.
So what I did was scoop out the ice cream and made a fan out of a half slice of melon and
TADA!... You've just made for yourself something that looks like it cost 4 pounds.

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