Friday, 10 April 2009


We had dinner recently at The Sisters located on 36 Kelvingrove street in celebration of L's Birthday. This award winning best city restaurant in 2008 serves up traditional scottish food in a really nice contemporary setting. With all the hype and the rave compliments from Aa and C about this place, I was looking forward to a nice meal.

I had the homemade fishcakes with lemon and chives mayonaise. Fried fishcakes never really appeal to me but seeing that it was homemade in an award winning restaurant, I decided to risk it anyway. Well, it was not bad but not superb. The fried pairs didn't have the taste or smell of frozen fish and tasted reasonably seafoodish. The mayo that acompanied it tasted quite nice and wasn't too acidic. Overall it was a nice starter but not mind blowing.

I wasn't sure what this dish was as i didn't have it but I suspect it might be a Scottish chicken leg with Dingwall haggis, neeps & tatties & whiskey cream. I had a taste of the sauce which was very appealing to me.

This was what I had the beef confit with mashed potatos in a truffle oil. Man... I totally did not expect a beef confit to be this. The part of it which strike me was its texture. If i had known that the texture was so delicate like shredded beef pounded together I would have given it a miss. Oh well, I chowed down the whole plate anyway cause the sauce was so beefily good and the mash was smooth and was scented well with the truffle oil. Had it not been for the sauce, I might have just gave up eating it.

Creme brulee with a dallop of ice cream. Couple of the peeps had it. I didn't haha. As for me

Ta Da...Honeycomb ice cream with crushed meringue & butterscotch sauce.. Oh my... this was so sweet... I like icecream and sweet stuff but this was overkill man... My BM just shot passed 11mmol. I just wished they would have cut back on the butterscotch sauce and let the vanilla icecream gently sweeten the meringue as it melted. Oh well... I finished it anyway LOL!.

Finally, a nice caterpillar cake from M and S to finish off a wonderful dinner. Happy Birthday L!!!!

Overall, A nice meal but I was expecting more from an award winning restaurant. Will give it another chance someday.

The Sisters Kelvingrove
36 Kelvingrove Street
G3 7RZ
0141 564 1157

PS: will not be posting for the next 3 days as I will be up in the highlands. See you soon.

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