Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Dinner at China Blue

A long post deserves a more lengthy story. Its 130pm now so I'll rush through a bit of stuff. Firstly, its the first post with more than 1 picture in it which means my ordinary flickr acct is going to burst its limit pretty soon. 2ndly its the first restaurant meal that I am posting. 3rdly, I had the company of a fantastic group of friends consisting of, WY, YR, M, Aa, C, K and Py.

A little history on China Blue passed down through generations of seniors who have survived on it as a weekend staple. Originally known as Blue Ginger located along Sauchiehall street, this little restaurant famous for its Malacca Seafood (Ma Liu Jia hai xian) has undergone numerous changes to become known as China Blue on Renfrew Street today (Next to KFC).

So the first dish here is yam ring (Fad Pu or something along those lines in Cantonese) filled with the Malacca Seafood. Aa has been craving for this dish in a very long time and having been dissapointed umpteen times in other restaurants, he finally has his wish. I found the yam to be really nicely deepfried. It wasn't as salty as i hoped it to be, afterall yam is really bland. Maybe its because the saltiness from the malacca seafood was meant to compliment it but unfortunately it failed on its part. Overall I say this dish was a nice change from the usual dishes that we always order. I am looking forward to trying it again.

You must be wondering what is this bloody red dish. Well its sweet and sour pork. SSP here is not like what you can get in Singapore. I believe this is a bit of a HK and Glaswegian Fusion which is notoriously infused with malt vinegar (yucks). The souriness is meant to come from pineapple and some chinese vinegar not malt vinegar.... Fortunately, the chef probably knew we were chinese so he tuned his dish towards our palates. It was a pretty tasty dish despite its looks. The best part was the meat was tender and the sauce although qutie wet wasn't overpowering.

This dish requires little explaination. Kangkong stirfried with sambal blachan. Nice with a bowl of rice. I wish there was more blachan and sambal flavour. Other than that, still a good dish.

This is called Thai Shi Ji aka Thai Style Chiken. Haha quite a stylo name right but its basically KFC spice powdered chicken topped with cool cucumber and a sweet thai like sauce. Not too bad la, fried chicken always taste good. Definately recommend it to anyone who comes to China Blue.

Claypot Tofu with Mince Pork. Hmm yummy. Nice with a hot bowl of rice. Actually, this statement is so cliche but I doubt you can eat it on its own. Its just too salty. yeah... Best eaten with a bowl of Rice.

Finally, save the best for the last. Or least what I thought was best. To be honest, I wasn't sure what was the best dish of the night for me. I was thinking it could be the yam because it was the first time that we were all eating it but it din't hit the spot for me or it would have clinch my due praise. This fish, I don't know what fish it is but i am assuming it was a sea bass. It was pretty large compared to what i got from the fish monger. Tasted fresh and the sauce was much better than what I make at home. If you look at it, its much darker in colour and taste wise it was more flavoursome and of the right salty-sweetness. Well it definately worked for me.

Besides these dishes we also had a starter soup and some red bean soup dessert complimentary of the restaurant. The best part was they gave us a 20% discount card that can be used till they decide it expires. Looks like we will be coming back soon.

Alright its really late now and i need to sleep. Please ignore my spelling errors for now.
HOpe you enjoyed the post. Good night

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