Sunday, 26 April 2009

Melon with Raspberry Icecream

Its either I am too free or I am too bored. Aa suggested we finish up the melon that has been in the fridge for 1 month. I was extremely skeptical about considering the last rock melon that we ate was really mushy. When I finally cut this melon open, I was shock to find it rock hard. Haha. The lack of sweetness was in a way good as it helped to allow the sweetness of the ice cream to take over the taste whilst providing a nice contrasting texture to the softness of the ice cream.

The dessert's simple to make, in fact you can even eat it deconstructed. All I did was cut the melon in half, skin it and started giving it edges (hehe part of my surgical skills training). Next put some ice cream on to it. I used Green and Black's Raspberry swirl vanilla ice cream (was on offer 2 pounds only from Tesco). Lastly, I slit 2 strips of honey dew skin for deco. Gordon Ramsey will definately disagree with this... why bother putting something on a plate that you can't eat.. Maybe next time I will use some lemon peels and grate some lemon zest over it.

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