Thursday, 16 April 2009

Dinner at See Woo Restaurant - A special Treat

Well.. I've got to count myself lucky for having a friend like WY who's not only generous but smart as well. This treat was by him to celebrate his spectacular results for his final year exams.
Aa and I have been thinking about lobster noodles ever since we sank our teeth into this heavenly creation in London. It was by chance that we saw this brochure featuring lobster noodles from See Woo.

So did this dish finally satisfy our craving?... well.... It was not too bad but the version in London was much better. Nevertheless, I would not be complaining about eating lobster especially when its free. The meat was succently and tasted of crustacean freshness, probably because it was still swiming before it finally landed up in the wok. THe noodles on the other hand were not very good. It lack the chewiness of that special london noodles and did not absorb much of the lobster juice.

Overall it was nice but not unmami nice. I will still come back some day to try if I have got a bit of spare cash.

We ordered Stir fried bamboo clams with asparagus in a XO sauce. This was really nice. The texture of the clam was chewy but not rubbery and had that nice meaty taste that leaves one craving for more.

Sweet and sour pork needs no introduction. WY was meant to order a pork rib dish but we had no idea how it turned out to be sweet and sour pork.

Finally, Prawn Hua Dan Hor (Prawn smooth egg Hor ... haha). Basically its prawn horfun with an egg sauce. The prawns were succulent and obviously they overloaded it with msg which made it tasted fantastic haha. I know it looks abit like puke but once you start eating it it was fine..

Thank you WY for this meal

SeeWoo Restaurant
29 Saracen Street
Glasgow, Lanarkshire G22 5HT
0141 331 6105

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