Tuesday, 28 April 2009

TBBQ Sauce Chicken Wings

Hmm ... Everyone loves chicken wings. Master your own set of chicken wings and you will be ready to impress , hassle free and at a low cost.
I got these huge chicken wings from Tesco. My GOODNESS was what I muttered when i saw these testosterone enhanced chicken wings. They were 1.5 x bigger than the morrison's chicken wings la..
Somehow, in the UK, chicken wings are one of the cheapest parts of the chicken. Breast is the most expensive (yucks, I don't like dry meat) My box contains 10 wings.. So it was 5 each between me and Aa.

Box of chicken less than 2 pounds
50% Tomato ketchup
50% Smokey BBQ Sauce
4 Table spoon of Sugar.
Lemon Juice

Defrost Chicken from freezer if frozen. I normally take it out before i leave the house and it is thawed by the time i get home. Dejoint it if u prefer and its probably the best thing to do for finger food parties. Mix in the marinate. Let the "zhap" bath the wings for about 45 mins (For best effects leave overnight in fridge). Turn the over up to 220 degree celcius and bake for approximately 20 mins. Serve with mash or chips because this is my Ang moh Style chicken wings

*Aa's Tip - Pour some lemon juice over the wings before throwing them in the oven. This helps to make the skin crispier.
*Girls you can do it!!!!

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