Thursday, 23 April 2009

Dinner at Asian Gourmet

WY's leaving Glasgow for the weekend so being nice friends, Aa and I decided to acompany him for dinner. Poor Aa... C's just left for Singapore on a FIRST CLASS FLIGHT!!! (lucky you). Anyhow, its been a while since I have been to Asian gourmet. This restaurant is located just round the corner from Asia Style. Its quite difficult to spot because its on the basement.
When it first open, we were quite suprised to find out that they serve quite authentic Sichuan dishes and at really affordable prices of between 7 to 8 pounds per dish. I supposed with inflation, the prices have gone up but still, this dinner only cost each of us 10 pounds and we ate till we were stuffed. (10 pounds is cheap in a Chinese restaurant for 3 people when you jiao Chai)

The first dish that you see is something new for the 3 of us. I read from the menu that it is some beef dish in beef juice.. Well, I couldn't make alot out of the title and the waitress wasn't sure either but she assumed it was stir fried. To be honest, it does look extraordinary but it tasted uniquely ordinary. Confusing eh? yes.. becos it taste exactly confusing. I could taste the beefiness of it but I could not fully work out what sauce was used in it. It taste almost beefy with a hint of sourishness and a strong taste of parsley. Texture wise, it resemble sweet and sour pork but definately did not taste sweet nor as sour as it. Overall, all the guys favoured this dish.

I literally went Huh? when i saw this dish. I had ordered sha po toufu, but totally did not expect this soupy toufu dish in a claypot. Well, one title different intepretations. WY thinks this is the way the Sichuanese have their claypot toufu because they are big fans of soup. Is this dish nice? Ok only, I won't order it again because it wasn't tasty and I can probably cook a better version.

Lastly, a classic favourite for us is the La Zi Ji aka Chilli Chicken. Basically, its a KFC chicken again with a sichuan twist. Nicely deep fried with some sichuan chilli spices. Highly recommended.

Finally, there is always rice to fall back on. You literally get buckets of rice here haha and me being a typical teochew boy loves rice. I still find it difficult to feel full without having rice. Mum thinks that that is a bad habit haha Dad thinks there's nothing wrong with it. I just want to eat rice..

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