Monday, 13 April 2009

Dinner at the Taymouth Restaurant, Kenmore Hotel

Hi all, I am back from my trip to the highlands. We paid the oldest Inn in Scotland, currently known as Kenmore Hotel, a visit. Despite being totally underdressed after the river rafting trip, nothing was stopping us from entering the "Atas" restaurant.

I had a smoked salmon for a starter. It was an unusual choice for me as I normally shy away from smoked salmon when Aa attempts to offer me. Well, this one tasted pretty good and paired well with the freshly baked bread.

For the main course, I had a roasted sea bream with a olive and tomato dressing. There wasn't much to rave about this dish . It was pretty bland and dependent on the fish in order to achieve a nice flavour. A fresh water Sea bream just did not hit me in the right spot that a sea fish would normally do. Otherwise, I felt the execution of the dish was perfect. The meat was delicate yet not powdery and the aroma from the thyme had infused sufficiently into the flesh.

I did not actually have this dish. K had it and it was the best choice for that evening in terms of dessert. This creme brulee was in fact cold and not the hot version that you would get at other restaurants. Its smooth texture and vanilla taste left me craving for more.

Kenmore Hotel
The Square, Kenmore,
PH15 2NU

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