Friday, 3 July 2009

Homecooked lunch with WY's Family

Its amazing how WY's dad managed to dash home after the graduation ceremony to prepare a meal. Within a short span of an hour, 5 dishes were created. It was a very simple meal but one that comes with sincerity. Above is a house special soy sauce chicken that tasted exactly like it should. Lots of ginger as well to spice up the taste.

This is the house special silken tofu with minced pork. Abit bland but easily solved with a dash of soy sauce. There was also a plate of veg and a hainanese mince pork dish which I din't manage to capture a shot of because I was trying to finsih 2 and a half plate of rice and dishes that auntie was feeding me. Damm full after that ah...

Thank you for the meal once again.
CHicken Soy Sauce, originally uploaded by jiapui.

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