Sunday, 5 July 2009

Nyonya Chicken Curry

Normally, lady fingers are found in fish curry and Aa was quick to point that out when he saw the odd pairing of lady fingers/Okra in this chicken curry. Aiya, its my bit of improvisation and I had to utilise the veges before they start to rot.

Quite delighted to find a packet of Wa Hup Nyonya Curry mix in my cupboard when I was expecting to use one of my Asian gourmet packets. There was definately a difference taste likely due to different blend of spices used for nyonya chicken. The instructions also indicated that I should make this a dry "muddy" curry as opposed to the watery version. The downside was that there wasn't enough sauce to drizzle over my rice.

Nevertheless, an enjoyable meal over some Wimbledon action.

IMG_1668, originally uploaded by jiapui.

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