Friday, 10 July 2009

Steam Boat at the Tung's

Finally got to visit the Tung Castle. The name itself suggest it all. 3 storeys of ample floor space for 2 families and many many rooms. I told the sisters it must be a great place to play catching and they looked at me and said " Do you mean hide and seek?" . Same same la..

So the main dish of the day is ........ Steam boat or Dai bin lou. I know how to pronouce it but don know what it means. The stock was a simple chicken and pork rib version wtih lots of daikon in it.

The aunties and uncles made wantons and bought a huge box of noodles from the chinese super market. It was wanton noodle galore and i couldn't stop stuffing myself with the wantons. They were good !!!

This is perhaps the most intersting sauce which consisted of one raw egg, some chilli sauce, spring onions and a dash of soy sauce.

Mix it all up and this is what you get. I din't sample any of it :( Guess its my phobia of eating raw eggs. I think it must have tasted really good cos the sisters were slurping it up with their meats.

Here's the freshly made fish paste. Not too sure what type of fish went into it but it sure tasted fishy. Slightly under salted but at least I got to taste the genuine fish taste.

Everyone was really suprised when I started taking pictures of the watermelons. This I can explain... I never buy watermelons in Glasgow. Too expensive for such a small fruits and I am bound to get them in Singapore at a fraction of the cost. haha which was why when the fruit came out I ate like 4 slices. Yum..

After the fruits came the tang yuan. Reminds me of the ones that Grandma used to make only difference is that they din colour it red.

It was boiled in a sweet potato soup.

Heh heh. Some mahjong fun as well. Oh they don't play the animals like we do in Singapore.

And just when we were about to leave, Tungsista 2 brought some Krispy Kremes from London.. Super full man..

Thanks again for the Invite !!!

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