Thursday, 16 July 2009

Tung1's Farewell dinner at Lung Foong

Well, finally after months of contemplatating, Tung1 has decided to leave Glasgow for Down under in pursue of a different working life and maybe some hot Aussie dude. So.. her horde of friends decided to celebrate her departure with a dinner at the oldest restaurant in Glasgow, Lung Fung. Lung Fung's good for dim sum. The only times I have been here for dinner is during the Singsoc CNY Dinner. It can be hit and miss depending on what you order.

3 Roast, Very good!! Fragrant skin. Savoury Sauce

Monk Fish Pot. Love this dish. Chunks of fried monk fish with Roast port in a seafoodish sauce.

Shredded chicken with jelly fish. Needs to be a bit more sourish. Great as a cold appetitser not as a hot main dish.

Mince pork with Egg plant. Nicely done.

Sambal kang kong. Not hot enough la lol.

HK style sweet and sour pork. Good stuff if only the pork was crispier

Pipa Tofu. I was too slow. Din't get to try.

Salt and Pepper Squid. Why can't they have this in Singapore???

Yup all these for 12 pounds per head with UNLIMITED RICE... hence my 3 bowls. On top of the food, we get free karaok. Song list was extensive and pretty up to date.

Last but not least. Tung1's Birthday cake made by the expert Tung4. Since she won't be around for her birthday, we brought it forward.

Here's cake no.1 a vanillia sponge cake topped with assorted fruits. Fruits on top of cakes are very typical HK style decorations. Well, that's the observation that I made.

And.. cake no.2 . Look at how cute it is with the little tooth decorations. The black ones are decayed teeth. The reason why its full of teeth is because Tung1 is a dentish. I really like the creativeness of this decoration. 5*****

Yup... All the best Tung1 and keep in touch with us.

Loon Fung
417 Sauchiehall Street,
Glasgow, G2 3LG

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