Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Chippy down the Lane with the flatmates

My 2nd time at this "Atas" aka "high class" chippy tucked somewhere down the lane off buchanon street. Chippy down the lane is a modern take on the humble fish and chip stall that you find spread out through out Glasgow.

We all had a fish each with Aa going for the haddock (above) that came as a 10 inch long fillet whereas C and I went for the puny Cod after the waitress mixed up the orders. The portion was adequate given the huge amount of chips that they load into these cute little white boxes. (Kinda reminds me of Long John Silvers at one point in time). Compared to LJS, I would got for LJS. Compared to Fish and Co, I would go for Fish and Co. That was the standard of the fish of that day. I guess the draw of this place is the variety of fish that you can get: from the simple haddock to more expensive fishes like cod and lemon sole.

ONe thing that I really like though is the salmon chowder and mushroom soup. It was thick and full of natural flavours. Great soups that I have never sampled before at any other restaurant. This for sure gets my 2 thumbs up.

If you are thinking of going to this place make sure you make a reservation as seatings can fill up quite quickly on a weekend.

The Chippy Doon The Lane
23 Royal Exchange Square
Glasgow G1 3AJ
Phone: 0141 225 5615

Salmon Chowder, originally uploaded by jiapui.

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