Tuesday, 21 July 2009

chicken carrot winter melon soup

Pai seh .. (excuse me) I haven't been posting because I AM BACK IN SINGAPORE WOOHOO.. yeah i left cold glasgow for sunny Singapore last friday. It really is hot here: a contribution of the intense heat from the sun and the warm from family and friends. Thankfully, I got aircon now haha.

Being back home means I get pampered by mum's cooking. See you get tonic soup like chicken carrot and winter melon soup. Very nice and "cheng" (clear?)

Nice fluffy prawn egg fried in just the right amount of oil with fresh tiny prawns. Thus, you only need a touch of soy sauce or salt to enhance the flavour of the prawns.

And lastly, a very interesting fish.. called parrot fish .. Probably got its name from the shape of its mouth. What do you think? Apparently there's also monkey fish and lizard fish. Maybe more of that next time. Boiled in a soy sauce broth to add flavour to the somewhat bland taste of the delicate meat.

Stay tune folks and I hope to bring more photos to the table.

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