Tuesday, 28 July 2009

KL Food Hunt

Yup, I was in KL over the weekend. My 2nd time in KL in umpteen years but its nice to see the petronas towers in its full physical form. A pretty impressive structure that is visible from all corners of KL.

Zac and San brought WY and I to this place in petaling for some authentic malaysian food. Read so much about Petaling street food and finally I am here to savour them all. I was quite ambitious intially and wanted to try everything but my big giant belly was starting to burst my pants so I decided to go easy haha.

We ordered some yong tau fu . Tasted different la and its like due to the fresh fish paste that they use and the huge amount of oil that they bath-fried them in. I ate almost half of the whole plate because no body was eating haha.

WY decide to order po piah but for some reason no one ate it and I have to finish it. It was light than the SIngaporean version. Especially the skin which was super thin and there wasn't an overdose of the sweet sauce.

And there was dry ban mien. I am not a big fan of ban mien. I told them I havent heard of a dry version of ban mien with a soy sauce gravy. Looks nice and the noodles tasted really chewy al dente what ever u call it.

Ok here's the char kway teow. Tasted awesome but I was almost full by this time and still have to eat one more plate on my own after devouring a bowl of assam laksa. so the char kway teow tasted good and taste better than the average ones u get back in singapore. Not to forget, they use really fresh prawns here too and the good frying technique imparts a nice wok hei flavour to the local kway teow

OH and there was the bowl of assam laksa which I finally got to try after hearing so much about it from PY. Its nice but not something I would immediately order on first instinct. Tasted almost like meesiam but I found the combination of mackeral fish with a soury sauce and thick rice noodle with a table spoon full of prawn paste ( hei kor) quite an unusal combination but somehow when u mix eveerything together it still works . OH well... haha apparently girls like this really sour dish. I agree. What say u guys??

A nice lime juice to cool down the heat. Notice the difference in colour from the ones in singapore. This looks more liek sugar cane. haha. It comes with a piece of sour plum hence the spoon.

After that we went to KL Convention Centre, beneath the petronas towers, for some desserts at Madam Kwans. I had the ice chendol. Pretty normal but the gula melaka was really fragrant.

WY had the ice campur which resembled an ice kachang but Mel was quick to point out that ice campur uses a really red syrup and not the usual red green syrup with gula melaka. Any malaysians out there can differnetiate between the 2?

Thanks WY , Z and San for the wonderful treat. PLease invite me back soon lol.!!!

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