Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Sushi Tei, Paragon

Japanese food makes good food photography. Everything is so well crafted and placed to perfection. The myriad of colours help to provide a nice warm feel to the picture too. Met up with the 46sers for a reunion meal. Ask the SIngaporean guys and they will tell you conversations with their army buddies can be one of the most enjoyable things to do. It dosen't how many times the same stories are repeated, the humour just never wanes.

Ok anyway, KC had the sushi set above. If you like one of everything then thats a simple one to start off. I thought the set was pretty cheap compaired to UK but u know when u are in SIngapore earning in Sing Dollars then its a different story.

Next up TW's curry chicken katsu. Don't know how it taste but definately smelt good.

My first course was a chatsu ramen which was lovely. Sushi Tei may not be the pros at doing ramen but I am easily satisfied after being deprived of good Jap food for so long. THe noodles could have been a bit more chewy and maybe 2 more slices of pork would have made it the right man-sized portion.

My 2nd course was an oyakudon. Din't get a picture of it because I was too hungry and totally forgotten about it.

Shang's beef sukiyaki. I might try this the next time when i return to Sushi Tei. I wonder when :( Downside to this dish is that it dosen't come with rice. And you know me.. I eat lots of rice... (reminds me of see woo and the ripping rice haha)

They call this the phoenix roll. A tempura prawn with rice rolled over it topped with aavacado. This type of sushi roll seems to be gaining popularity here. (also one of my to eat list at sushi tei the next time)

KC's Eel set. This dish seems quite wu hua ( worthwhile). 5 different ways of serving the eel allows for 5 different ways of eating them.

Post dinner drinks at starbucks. Green tea frappacinno. Nice creamy and vanillaish but not green teaish enough.

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