Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Streets Café Restaurant 街头茶餐厅

Met up with Char for a quick lunch at Raffles City's Street Cafe. Another one of those Hong Kong cafes.

Char recommended deep fried pumpkin fries coated in salted egg yolk. This was going to be a killer for me . I don't like pumpkin and salted egg yolk. Turns out it wasn't so bad once u get pass the salted egg. the pumpkin tasted a little like sweet potato but texture wise felt like a pumpkin

I had the beef noodle which could have been much better. Stock wasn't robust and the few pieces of meat din fill me up. It was ok that means more space for street food

Char had BBQ chicken with nissin noodles. Comes with one egg and the chicken was smeared with a sweet looking sauce

Drinks.. Plum juice with lychee and the one behind is honey lemon

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