Monday, 27 July 2009

Home Cook Food!!.

OK .. haven't posted for a week. Guess I have been too busy enjoying myself. Also, I was up in KL for a friend's wedding which turn out to be a really memorable event.

Anyway, I am back home to be pampered by mum's food again. So let's check out what she cooked today.

Ngor Hiang is a specialty in my household and in alot of teochew households. Our variation includes, pork, prawns, mushroom, five spic, chest nut and i think Taro which mum din include today. Pan fried after steaming. Tasty on its own without any sauce.

Mum calls this omega fish. It could be because the fish has a high omega oil content. I wasn't able to find this fish on google. hmm.. The fish has a pretty firm consistency and has this extra row of paravertebrae bones which made eating the meat slightly tricky.

Some nice cabbage to go along and a bowl of herbal chicken soup to nourish the body.

Finally a plate of home grown guava to finish off the meal. These guavas come from a tree that we translocated from our old kampung almost 15 years ago. It taste so different from what you get outside.

Hope to post more often but been busy editing the wedding photos.

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