Thursday, 21 May 2009

Brel: C's Belated Birthday Dinner

We went to Brel on Ashton Lane for C's Belated birthday. After numerous outings to Chinese restaurants, this was a welcomed change. The last time I was here was way back in first year with YR and Jg. Good ol' first year days haha. Can't remember what I had then. We had dinner at about 845 which is pretty late so the place was quite deserted when we got there which also means we got dedicated waitress service haha

I ordered the soft shell crab for appetiser. It was lovely and I could have eaten at least 2 more of it. They used blue leg crabs which I suspect is different from the Asiana crabs which they use back home. INstead of powdering it heavily in flour what they have done here is just deep fried it "kosong" aka without any batter what so ever. The taste was perfect. Havent had a better soft shell crab than this.

I had mussels for dinner which was good but couldnt surpass mussel inn. C had the monk fish. It tasted good but wasn't a knock out. Roasted potatos did not seem to be a good match either which resulted in C stealing my fries.

Overall, its not too bad definately worth coming here just for soft shell crab and a pintbut dinner wise hmm... maybe not. We gave the desserts a miss as well.

PS: I really should be studying for my OSLER and not blogging LOL!!

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