Sunday, 7 June 2009

Dinner from the Tungs

A while ago, I treated the 2 sisters to a dinner at my place. So here's part 2 where they made me dinner.
I simply love dinners at my friend's place because its so unpredictable what you can get. You can get chinese and western dishes together which you think might clash but actually works really well together. SOmetimes, there's just too much vege and no meat and other times there's like one main dish and tonnes of desserts. The Tung sisters are local Chinese born and breed here whose mum is a chinese takeaway tychoon (I think lol). Unfortunately, I was told by the eldest not to expect any cuisine haha.

So for starters/appetiser, TungSister1 made a mackeral salad consisting of smoked mackeral, lettuce, potatos, olives and tomatos. It was rather fishy but the salad helped to balance out the taste and I thought it worked really really well.

We weren't heading for a western menu tonight because.... Tungsister4 made curry. Now... the curry is definately local in looks but modified to suit the local chinese taste. It didn't taste Indian or Singapore in flavour but more like a really savoury salty Jap curry. This is good and I suspect it was Auntie ML who taught her how to do it.

The last dish was a Beehoon that consisted of peppers, sausages and carrots. Interesting.. I guess everyone has their own style of beehoon . It was very well season and although the ingredients used were not typically what you find in chinese style beehoon, the beehoon tasted familliar.

I couldnt find a dish that stood out on its own but when you mix abit of everything together, everything was made right. A great sister act..

Oh ... this is good quality stuff made by Auntie ML. Its XO sauce made up of spring onions, dried shrimps, dried scallops and... hmm... I don know what else and it tasted so so so so goooooood.

Dessert was a lemon meringue pie from M and S. There were also chocolates, jaffa cakes, jelly and ice cream

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