Wednesday, 10 June 2009

BFE at Rumours

Back at rumours again cos YR wanted to eat rice. lol. Thought it would be a good idea since I'll be catching star trek later on at cineworld. Its a good movie, worth watching. Anyway.. YR ordered Nasi Lemak over chicken rice. If you know her or seen her, you will realise rice is not of those things which she eats often. So I was pretty suprised when she wanted to eat it. I had a taste of it. It was excellent and looks more appealing than the one you get at Asia style. Its one those dishes that can't go wrong. I love the sambal chilli that came along with it.

I got a bit too adventurous today and ordered the fried udon in home made sauce. Home made sauce.... indeed it was homemade sauce because I cannot pinpoint what the makeup was. Totally unique to its own. Unfortunately, I din find the dish to be super appetising. It was alrite. It does not look as spicy as it appears to be and I felt the choice of udon might have been wrong as it made the dish too starchy. The sauce itself was overwhelmingly salty too. I am feeling abit biased in this case considering I had half a tub of Haagen daaz before I leave the house. Maybe I'll give the dish another chance sometime in the future.

OH and thank you to all my readers. Finally reached 1000 views lol!!!

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