Saturday, 13 June 2009

Dinner at Big G's

I was invited over to Big G's place for dinner yesterday. First time in 5 years that I have managed to make my way to this big guy's bachelor hideout. His mum had marinated some chicken in the morning before leaving the house for work so all his sis had to do was pop it in the oven. I was amazed at the nicely roasted colours of the chicken that does not normally happen when I roast my chickens. Chicken drumsticks are my favourite parts of the chicken so BIg G kindly gave me 2 drums and 1 additional breast. Wah... overload man. I am guessing the marinate consisted of garlic and an oregon herb mix. Yummy.

ON top of the chicken we had some vegetables which Big G cooked and additional sausages to fill up any more empty spaces in the stomach. I was so full and now I know why Big G is so BIG!!!. (read not fat --> but BIG!!!)

Finally, my contribution. A Bramley appie pie from marks and sparks. Taste GooooOOODDD..

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