Monday, 15 June 2009

Dinner with the flatmates at China Blue

Aa and C are backed! After 7 days of a non-chinese diet, it wasn't difficult deciding what we were going to have for dinner. Its been a while since we last went to China blue especially now that the rest of the folks are back in Singapore and Malaysia for holidays.

We got free soup from the kitchen :) It was the standard Bah Ku (pork rib) soup with nicely stewed carrots in a msg overload broth. Pretty savoury and definately did the trick to start our palettes going.

This has become our favourite dish combining 2 of Aa's favourite dishes: Yam and Malacca Seafood. I actually appreciated this dish more this time because there's more yam to go around. Since young, I've never had a huge craving for deep fried yam much less orh nee (yam paste). This however was nicely deep fried with a hint of five spice and salt. I noticed that there was a significant increase in the proportion of prawns and a reduction in squid as well which is always good.

It was a suprise to find that they have a new menu. The bad thing was I wasn't able to decipher how most of the dishes were cook and as usual, my cantonese cannot make it. haha where's wy when you need him. Well, there were still some dishes that make some sense such as the Thai style toufu. We anticipated it would be like Thai style chicken and true enough it turned out to be that. It was a pretty light dish but in retrospect I would have gone with the chicken dish cos it just din make sense to pay 9 pounds for something like this when you could have gone for the chicken. Unless of course you really like it.

Lastly, we had chilli beef soup. It looks pretty similar to the beef hot pot that I had in Manchester but I can tell you it din't taste as good. The soup was too pepper such that you could not taste the flavour of the chilli oil. There was too little meat and a lack of body to the soup. I have no idea why they added tau geh (bean sprouts) in there because to me that just seem like a conflict of taste and texture. The one good thing about it was that it was spicy enough to give me a numb mouth .

Overall, a pretty nice meal though I wouldn't the last 2 dishes again. The best part was we got a 20% discount card that we could use the next time we are there. HOoray!

China Blue
96 Renfield Street
Glasgow, G2 1NH
Phone: 0141 333 1881

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