Thursday, 4 June 2009

Little Italy Pizza

GUSS organised a potluck today at TC's place. Normally, I'll put in some effort to prepare some stuff but the heavy work schedule has led me to take the easy way out. Since TC's place was so near to Little Italy, I thought a nice 16" pizza will be the best option.

Unlike, normal 1pound pizzas from ICEland morrisons or any other famous frozen brands, Little ITaly makes the pizza right before your eyes and bakes it to perfection in 15 mins. The 16" pizza with cheese and tomato cost 7.50 pounds. For an additional 1.40 pounds u can add one more topping and of course u can load more if u want but I realise that is "Bo Hua" (not worth it) because your pizza runs out of space to put more ingredients. So how? reduce the amount of quantity per item. The selection of items is not bad, u get the common ham, smoked sausages, salami , bolognaise, squid. stuff like that.. I decided to go with parma ham because of the sheer quality of the meat compare to normal ham and because I like it haha..

I would love to tell u about the taste but I din manage to get a slice of the pizza :( .. Of course, you can always intepret it as the pizza was so good that it was gone in flash .

LIttle Italy
205 Byres Road, Glasgow
G12 8TN
Tel: 0141 339 6287

P.S: I decided to look up pot luck on wikipedia as part of my random fact of the day. Maybe we should all refresh our memories on the tradition of this feasting event.

Little Italy Pizza, originally uploaded by jiapui.

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