Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Aa's Birthday Dinner

Happy 2?th Aa!!!!.. haha.. Don't worry you are only one year older than me and one more C more than me wahhwahah.

Its strange how he likes to cook on his birthday and wants to have beef. I being the lucky flatmate gets to join in the celebratory feast too.

He made a nice stir fried vegetables (ang mor style) as compliment to the beef. Basically stif fry some red onions, throw in the corgettes and potatos. Season with lotsa salt and freshly cracked pepper. tada!

I leave the fork in as a comparison with the size of the beef that he had. Actually, the angle of the shot makes the beef look smaller than it is but i can gurantee u will be shocked when you see how much beef this guy can eat.

We din manage to get on to desserts. Hopefully we will get to eat it tomorrow.

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