Friday, 19 June 2009

Dinner at home with the flatmates

The flatmates have been working hard since returning from their holidays and will need some tonic to keep them going through the stresses of work. I used a packet of herbal chicken spice mix and added in some more herbs and shaoxing wine to boost its flavour. Turns out that i had to boil the herbs in a pot of water and pour the broth into the aluminium foil and steam it with the chicken. Instead, I ended up throwing the herbs into the aluminium foil without the boiling process. It tasted fine but I'll remember to do this step the next time.

Here's the rest of the frozen broccoli from the other day. I think I'll stick to fresh broccoli the next time even though its cheaper. The sweet taste of freshness fares so much better. Throw in some mushrooms for soaking up the gravy and some prawns to give it a tinge of seafood saltiness.

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