Monday, 22 June 2009

Liquid Ship with J

Met up with J for lunch. We were hoping to go to coopers but it opens only at half 12. We couldn't wait so we ended going down great western road hoping to chance upon something else. Well, eventually it came down to this wee pub called liquid ship that sells mainly pizzas and tapas. It turned out that this place specialises in small spanish and italian dishes. I guess we weren't going to have a heavy meal then.

I don't normally go for sausages when having meals outside because it just seems bo hua (not worth it) but that day, I made an exception. This dish was called Mafasio Dog which consists of a homemade italian sausage over soem onions and melted chedder on top of a baguette with some cream potatos as a side.

The yellow mustard provided a nice highlight to the overall dullness of the dish. The sausage was well stuff with proper meat and the marinate that went into it tasted quite fiery. Together with the caramelized onions and cheese, a great combination was created. The potatos helped to neutralise the palette after each bite and made each mouthful feel as refreshing as the first.

This was really satisfying. If only it was bigger.

The Liquid Ship
171 Great Western Road
Glasgow, G4 9AW
Phone: 0141 331 1901

IMG_0942, originally uploaded by jiapui.

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