Thursday, 4 June 2009

Rumours Kopitiam with the Flatmates

Aa and C are going on their post nights get away holiday tomorrow to the mediterranian leaving me all alone..... We decided to have a nice dinner together and also to celebrate the monetary gains ;) It has been a while since I've been to rumours. Frankly if you ask me when was the last time, I would say 2 months ago ? maybe even more.

I was not craving for anything in particular as I have tried most of the food but I definately wanted a non-rice item. After a quick survey of the year old menu, I settled upon mee goreng. The dish itself tasted similar to what you get in singapore but tasted abit more sour than I was hoping for. I felt it could do with more sambal chilli and some fried eggs. One thing that I noticed about the egg noodles here is that it tends to taste less eggy but more starchy like ban mien. According to the ingredient details on a packet of egg noodles that I saw in morrisons, the egg noodles produced here contain 30% egg. That left me wondering if the egg noodles that they use have the same amount of egg in it. Anyone know how much egg content is there for the yellow noodles that they use in Singapore/Malaysia?

Aa ordered hawker rice. Frankly, I have no idea how this dish relates to the one we get in Singapore but basically it was rice, a choice of meat (in this case green curry chicken), a cucumber salsa and some fried curry puff. Odd combination but Aa wasn't too bothered. He felt it was just alright. Personally, I felt it din look super appetising, quite guai loh style and I probably won't order it.

We shared a plate of Hua Dan Hor (Smooth egg hor fun) Aka Hor fun. The horfun here is very well fried. Got the "wok hei" taste to it lol and you get 3 nice juicy "king" prawn. What is king prawn? Its basically a prawn which is bigger than a shrimp. hmm.. Well.. prawns here are not really big so a king prawn here is equivalent to a medium sized prawn in singapore.

C had the wanton noodle soup. This is good stuff but I prefer the dry version. The soup is nicely stained brown and tasted savoury enough (probably loaded with msg). The killer item here is the wanton which is filled with a good quality pork and prawn mixture as well as "te po" (sole fish). The noodles are definately better than the ones you get in Singapore. The texture is so much more QQ.

Rumours is definately a great place for Malaysian/Singapore Style food. I feel it has superseeded Asia style as the best hang out chinese restaurant in Glasgow. (not that there is many restaurants to begin with lol).

Rumors Kopitiam
21 bath Street
Glasgow G2 1HW

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