Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Sole Fish

Met up with WY and his family for dinner tonight at China Blue. Good to see a good pal back and to be able to meet his mum and dad. Dinners like this are always a journey of discovery to find out more about a person's background and that his influence his life. Indeed in many ways I can see resemblance between WY and his parents.

We ordered the same dishes at China blue but substituted the usual sea bass for a sole fish in stead. I never had a sole fish steamed in cantonese style before as most of the time mum would fry it. Also, this fish was huge at approximately 30cm wide and 45cm long. The texture was good as there was a feel of hard meat and soft gelatine. The downside was the fish wasn't super fresh resulting in a decline in natural sweetness that was compensated by soy sauce. One tip that I've learnt is that Fisherman do not go out to sea on sunday. Hence, there will be no fresh fish on monday = no fresh fish at restaurants. Not always true and I could be wrong. Anyone can verify?

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