Monday, 5 April 2010

Wudon on Great Western Road

Photo Credits: Laura-Elizabeth

Jni gave us a big treat on Saturday at Wudon on Great Western Road. I've passed by the store many many times but every single time it just gets sweep to the back of my head. Frankly, I have been spoiled by much nicer Japanese food in Singapore but you do find the occasional Japanese restaurant here with some specialty dishes.

As I was googling for pictures, I stumbled upon this Timesonline review of the place. Oh boy, they really beat the udon out of this restaurant. It wasn't as bad as they mentioned and dinner for two with wine at 45 pounds??? Er.... R u Sure?

Anyway, I'll let you judge for yourself.

Sushi to share (clockwise from yellow egg): Tamago Nigiri, Inari Kani Mayo Nigiri, Kappa Makki, Tori Katsu Maki (Chicken), Ramen Tempura Maki, California Maki, Sweetcorn Mayo Gunkan, Eoi Kimchi Gunkan

Unagi Kappa: Eel and Cucumber rolled in Fish Roe

Saw Choi War Teeps: Crispy Dumplings of Veggies

Yeap Lam Goong: Vermicelli Noodles with Chinese Veggies wrapped in Pastry served with a light vinaigrette.

Pork Katsu Ga Lay Fun: Pork Cutlet Curry Rice. I had this and it satisfied me. Would have prefered a spicier and smokey curry for my Asian tastebuds and a few pieces of potatos and carrots to complete the curry but I am sure it will suit the locals fine. Veggies are well appreciated.

Teppanyaki Chicken with Garlic Fried Rice. Seriously Good according to Dil

Sweet Chilli Chicken: Deep fried chicken pieces coated in sweet chilli sauce.

Man Yu Fan: Two layers of teriyaki Eel between a bed of boiled Rice.

Everyone Enjoyed their meals.

Wudon Noodle Bar
535 Great Western Road
Glasgow G12 8HN
Tel: 0141 357 3033

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