Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Paul's Macarons

Oo la la.... Macarons..... Where do we begin? There's so much to be said about this little spell binding colourful pastry. The colours and flavours are artistic looking but the effort and techniques that go into making macaron is an art itself with each of the famous makers probably holding on their own secret formulae.

Paul is one of many famous pâtisserie that orignated in France which includes Ladurée, Pierre Herm. In fact, the owners are not called Paul. They just took over a shop called Paul and held the name since 1953.

I was lucky enough to get a box of them from XL who came up to see K. Well... I did a favour for her so she was really kind got me something.

Paul does only 6 flavours I think. (according to the website). Green's Pistacho. Light brown is coffee. Yellow is lemon. Pink is raspberry. Cream is vanilla and Dark brown is chocolate. I love the Lemon macarons. The flavour was so intense. SHIOKness

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Jade.Jing said...

I am so jealous!


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