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I LOVE Ben & Jerry’s !!!

In anticipation of the big Ben and Jerry Free (Fair) Cone day, I shall be blogging about my love for ice cream and in particularly BEN AND JERRY'S !!!!... Hopefully, this shall be the post that will answer most of the questions related to my Ben and Jerry's Conquest !!!

"ermm.. do I love ice cream?"

Prior to my journey to UK, my ice cream cravings were usually settled by the humble potong ice cream or magnolia ice cream with wafers sold the road side uncles. Occasionally, I'll get the earthquake treat from my uncle at Swenson's. Haagen Daaz was a luxury I was unwilling to pay for and B and J was a totally foreign concept at that time.

Fast forward to 2004 and here I am on British Soil. One very fine day as I was doing my groceries, I stumbled upon this big offer --> Ben and Jerry's 2 for 4 pounds !!!..... WAHH!!!.. Of course, at that time the conversion was still close to 3 pounds per Sing which made each tub 6 dollars but thats still way cheaper than 10 sing dollars back home. Gleefully, I took home 4 tubs: Peace of Cake, Pfish Food and Cookie Dough. It was love at first taste and I bought 8 tubs the moment I finished the last 4 lol, which didn't take long.

Somehow, I decided to start collecting the ice cream tubs (which btw is a nightmare when I have to transport them when I move houses). Lots of tubs have been collected, close to a hundred maybe? Well... thanks to friends who like to buy B and J when they come over for dinner and flatmates who are also keen on ice cream.

"There's more in the fridge"

So to help with your ice cream selection tomorrow!... Here's a quick MY REVIEW of the ice cream that I have sampled and a wee snippet of interesting facts (funny how I remember random facts but not medical knowledge lol) behind each ice cream tub !!!...

Peace of Cake 5*****

Yup.. not a piece of cake but a PEACE of goodness. This was amongst the first tubs that I bought. Delightful strawberry cheesecake flavoured ice cream with good chunks of strawberry and swirls of cookie. Yum yum yum . Always a WINNER!

I kinda tricked Mich who didn't like cream nor cheese into eating it. She took one spoon and knew there was something she didn't like. lol Sorrie Mich LOL!.

Also I skipped dinner and ate one tub of this instead in my 2nd year freezer flat ... Fell sick the next day lol.... Lesson LEARNT.

Cookie Dough 4.5****

One of the legendary 4 that I bought. Yumm yumm. Vanilla ice cream was a wee bit sweet but I like it !!!.. Cookie dough was amazing. I probably won't eat it alone but definately works well with the ice cream.

This tub has no interesting facts !!!. How boring !! LOL!... At least it taste goood!!!...

Chocolate fudge brownie 3.5***

3.5 stars only?.... yeah... I think the brownie pieces damaged the overall texture of the ice cream. Haha.. they always end up being the last few tubs remaining in the freezer.

Phish Food 5*****

Chocolate! Marshmallows ! Caramel !! choclaety CHunks!!.. WOWOW. Its basically having your favourite ice cream and toppings all ready in one tub. That's Impressive! This tub's the last of the legendary 4. Probably have the most tubs of this flavour.!

Minter Wonderland 4****

MInt Icecream !!! I doubt you'll be finding this ice cream at the store tomorrow. Its a limited edition seen only during winter times. I've only got 3 tubs of this. The first one was from Ash's Christmas potluck in 1st year. The 2nd tub was bought from Tesco (which seems to be the only place that sells it). Can't remember where the last tub came from.

Flavour wise. Pretty much similar to vanilla but with a hint of MInt.

Also!.. its 40% larger than the average B and J tub. Really?

Cherry Garcia 3***

Nope... I am not a fan of this flavour. Cherry and dark chocolate dosen't do it for me. Similarly I am not a fan of black forest cakes.
The only reason why I bought it was becos I am a B and J fan lol and I needed to try all the flavours lol!

Half Baked 4****

This is such a playful flavour combination. Put chocolate fudge brownie and cookie dough together and what you get is HALF BAKED!!! I gave it 4 stars since I gave 4.5 for one and 3.5 stars for the other.

It was WY who bought this tub back in 1st year when he cooked Malaysian CHicken curry for me. Think it was the first time I sampled his cooking too.

New York Super Fudge 4****

The other tub which WY bought for the dinner. Its like a topping overloaded Pfish food but with nuts instead. Nuts are good!!!. Anaphylactics be WARNNED!.

Oh my! Apple Pie! 3.5***

Oh my oh my !!!.. Taste just like apple pie but COLD!!!.. I love apple pies but as a ice cream just din work for me... NO wonder it ended up in the B and J graveyard lOL! (Oh NO!!!. I just found out that peace of cake RIP in 2010 .... Sianness)

ANyway, this was the cheapest tub I've ever bought. 1 freaking POUND!!!!. I bought 6 at a go LOL!... and the place to find it ..... FARMFOODS!!!. Can't imagine man. Thanks to Aa who found out about it.

Chocolate Therapy 5*****

One of the BEST Chocolate ice creams I've eaten. Thick luscious and none of that icey business which u get with low quality ice cream. I've only got 2 tubs and 1 tub has gone missing. The reason why there's so few tubs is because it never goes on offer...

Phish Food 3***

One of the flavours that made it into the frozen yogurt series. Its meant to be low fat isn't it. Sorry B and J I don like yogurt. I tried...A and C likes this !!!

Bohemian Raspberyy 4.5****

This is good!!!. Taste like a blueberry cheesekcake!.. I doubt everyone will agree with me on the taste of this one. Suprisingly the chocolate brownies made this tub work quite well. U guys puzzle me.

Baked Alaska 4****

This is C's favourite flavour. I like it too because it bears a opposite similarity to Phish Food. The flavours are totally reversed. Check out the cool bear and yea it does have polar bear chocolate bits in it. I CHECKED LOL!

Cheesecake Brownie 3.5***

B and J does alot of charity stuff and one of their latest moves was to go all free trade. MOOOO!.. This tub does not strike an impression with me at all. I only remember it being a bit sourish probably because of the cheesecake and BROWNIES LOL which I don really like in ice cream.

Fossil Fuel 4****

Chocolate and loads of them!!!. comes with chocolate cookies as well.. There are actually bits of chocolate dinosaurs in there as well. Try finding some T-rex and Stegosaurus. I would say this is one of those safe bet ice creams that is unlikely to go wrong with your guest.

Chocolate Macadamia 3.5***

Macademian nuts!! .. Anyone like them? I find it a little oily though. Not one of my favourite tubs but if you are a big macademian nut fan then this is the ice cream for you.

Vanilla Toffe Crunch 4.5****

This is nice!!!. The best part of eating this ice cream is to savour each piece of chocolate toffee crunch. There’s a nice saltiness to the toffee which works extremely well with the chocolate. I finish off each piece by having a nice dallop of vanilla ice cream to cleanse my palatte

Mango berry swirl. 3***

I had so much hope for this ice cream but it disappointed me. Read my other post on it. Basically it didn’t taste like the other mango sorbets that I have tasted previously. The mix berry swirl that went into it tasted somewhat artificial too. Definitely NOT having this tomorrow

Cookie Dough again?.. haha. yup.. Well I don't have intersting fact about its bigger brother but this tub here is actually a single serving from the States!. YR brought it back for me when she was there in 2nd year. Cool eh!. Comes with a spoon as well.

Here's a comparison of the 3 different sizes that I have. Minter wonderland doesnt look like its 40% bigger rite? lol.. oh well I am sure it is somehow.

Ok. So what flavour ice cream are you going to have tomorrow?. Will there be flavours offered that I have not sampled before? Will I go for my favourite PEACE OF CAKE? lol....! See ya there tomorrow.

Ben & Jerry's
North Atrium
Buchanan Galleries
Glasgow GF1 2FF

"Love....... in a Tub"

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If you were the person that collected these i'd love to speak to you. Please get in touch as i am also a collector that is interetsed in purchasing a couple of tubs from you if you still have them. get me on


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