Friday, 2 April 2010

Steamboat @ Tung Castle

Lucky me! I was invited to the Tung castle for LingT's Homecoming steamboat dinner. There was so so much to eat!!. As most of the invitees were Chinese takeaway tycoons of some sort lol we had really good food. Check out the scallops, the prawns, dumplings, fish cakes and the noodles. This definately wasn't your student prepared steamboat in a rice cooker. On top of that, there were also beef stews and chicken teriyaki sticks !!!

One of LingT's Aunt made Tang Yuen with PEANUT BUTTER!!!.. Good Substitute eh!

And this was my favourite!!!.. TAU HUEY!!!!!!.. Silky smooth goodness man.. It came in a PAIL!!!! LOL!!

Thanks LingT for the invite!!! I was really full by the end.

1 comment:

Ling Tung said...

oh yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
im hungry...
i miss home food


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