Thursday, 8 April 2010

Curry Chicken is not Chicken Curry

Play at words?... Probably not. its definately Chicken curry and Curried Chicken. Curry is a must learn for the aspiring student cook because its relatively easy, its yummy, it reminds you of home and makes a good potluck item. Of course there are different types of curries. Even the Malaysian ones are different from the Singaporean versions. Really? yup!.

Curry is quite a big thing in UK mainly because of the huge population of Northern Indians. In fact, Glasgow used to be the curry capital of UK . LOL!.. More suprisingly, the city has even tried to stake its claim on being the first to invent chicken tikka masala

Here's the list of ingredients

2 Packs chicken (6 drums or thighs in each) on sale so 1.50pds / pack
Mushrooms 50pc
Peppers 60pc
Potatos on sale 30pc
Tomato 60pc
Tumeric Powder
Patak's Curry paste 1.50pds / bottle
Can Coconut milk 1.00pds

Firstly, Marinate the chicken in tumeric powder and some salt. Heat up some cooking oil fry the onions till brown and add the chicken to give it a good sear to seal in the flavour of the tumeric into the skin. Add in Patak Curry paste and coconut milk. I used about 1 and a half bottles of paste for the amount of chicken cooked. Add in an equal number of bottles of water. Throw in the remaining veg and potatos. Bring to a boil and simmer for 30-45 mins.

Serve with rice or bread

*Top Tip: Curry taste better after an overnight's rest.

Let me know if you have got any good cooking curry tips!

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