Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Dinner @ Pyi's

I was invited to dinner at Pyi's place for dinner last night. I anticipated it was going to be a good dinner because of the very fact that she cooks alot. Must admit I am a fan of home cook dinners as there's always that special touch of effort that goes into every dish plus u never know what weird and wonderful dishes u might get lol.

Well take this dish above for example. Its got broccoli and on top of that a type of mushroom called monkey head mushroom because it literally looks like one, giant oysters that are 2 inches in length and shreded dried scallops. hahaha she was really generous!!!.

Mussels in a chinese wine sauce. yum yum yum. Unexpected dish.

Veggies and sliced pork. Reminds me of the dish my mum used to make although I din't like it as a child lol... I like it now though LOL!!

and I brought a Chocolate tarte from Waitrose...... I'll be making one of these soonn..... Shhh.......

Thanks Pyi and ur flatmates for the dinner. !!!

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