Saturday, 17 April 2010

Persian Food with Big G

Photo Credits: Big G

The last time I was at the west end cafe, I was chowing down on a mix grill platter of lamb, chicken and steak. Fast Forward 7 months and its changed from West End grill to West End Cafe: a Taste of Persia. Persia by the way is also the name of Iran from 600 BC until 1935

As I sat down waiting for Big G's arrival, the friendly boss came over and chatted with me. To my amusement, she said she had recognised me from before. I was hesistant to agree but I nodded away politely (afterall, all Chinese looking people look the same right lol). True enough, I was misrecognised as one of the folks from YG's social outing. HAHA its ok. It made up for a good laugh and more interesting conversations.

Turns out that this wee cafe has seen its menu undergo a transition from French to Grill to its current Persian Menu. The boss explains that the previous menus were too extensive and the kitchen was unable to manage the different combination of orders. Sure sounds like something I see in Kitchen Nightmares. Well... the current chef is from Iran and is reputed to whip up some marvellous Persian dishes. Can't wait to check it out!!!

Finally, Big G found his way. Two starving man makes for two huge appetites and we ended up with well.. you can say 4 Main dishes and an appetiser.. O_o !!!

The boss was quick to recommend to us a dish called Kashke(whey) Bademjam, an aubergine puree with walnuts, onions,mixed herbs and spices. haha my eyes literally stared at it for 2 secs while my olfactory senses savour the tantalizing aroma. We took it with some pita bread and wow.. oily goodness. It was a taste not found in my dictionary but related most to garlic oil.

She then suggested the prawn biryani. I love this. Never thought that a combination of prawn and biryani could taste so good. There was a generous portion of huge prawns but definately lacking the heat for my taste buds. Basmati rice was plentiful as we had ordered 3 more main dishes on top of the biryani.

Okra curry. This was probably my least favourite of the night. A wee bit too sour from the tomato base and the okra was overstewed. Its just my personal preference of liking slightly crunchy okra and sambal chilli that added the biasness lol.

You can't skip BBQ skewers can you when you eat persian food. So... We had a spicy joojeh (chicken marinated in Olive Oil, mustard and Lemon Juice) and tender baby lamb fillets. I must say the meat was absolutely moist. PLUS points for the chargrilled tomato. If only there was a chargrill green chilli ;)

The chef presented everything together on a plate since we were going to share the food. See that powdery mixture there. Its meant to be sprinkled over the meat and rice and adds abit of acidity to the food. Think of it like a lemon substitute. I wish I could tell you what went into it. Forest berries ?

Some Persian Tea on the boss to Finish off the meal.

West End Cafe: Taste of Persia
526 Great Western Road
G12 8EL
Tel: 0141 334 3262

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