Saturday, 10 April 2010

Amb's Birthday @ Kember & Jones

We had a wee birthday breakfast at Kember and Jones the other day since the lecture failed to show up after 30 mins. This shop on Byres road prides itself as a Fine Food emporium that stocks mostly high quality foods and interesting kitchenware and cookbooks. In addition, you can enjoy a nice breakfast and lunch as well as dinner in its upstair dining area or do it al fresca while watching the Glaswegian crowd walk by.

Freshly baked Scones

Huge!!! Meringues

Great Selection of Cakes and Tarts

Scones came in 3 flavours that day: cheddar cheese, cranberry and plain ones.

Huge Huge Meringue with fresh cream and berries berries

This is the bomb man. Freshly made waffles with organic honey and lotsa fresh berries. This is the dish you should learn guys if you wanna impress girls. I tried looking for a waffle machine online after eating this as i was so inspired to make one. well... my inspiration plummeted after finding out that a good waffle maker actually cost more than 20 quid... lol.. Obviously I'll be under utilising if I do buy it. Oh wells.

For 4.25 quid you can treat yourself to this sweet temptation at K&J.~~

Kember & Jones
134 Byres road
G12 8TD

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